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CXS/VIP Xperience - Lifetime Subscription


The CXS/VIP Xperience is a subscription-based online membership that offers feature-length follow-along workouts. The CXS/VIP Xperience offers exclusive member-only workouts that are designed with the CORE athlete in mind to mentally and physically challenge stamina while increasing performance and reducing injury.

The CXS/VIP Xperience is not just a great workout, the classes are designed by Dr. Dean a sports-performance specialist and pro-level instructor for Core X System™. New workouts are added regularly. Dr. Dean embeds helpful training & recovery tips and performance advice in each workout. CXS/VIP Xperience members get access to early announcements, attend Campus events as VIPs, receive invitations to special events and promotions, get VIP discounts, and invitations to attend private live podcasts with Dr. Dean and Associates.

INTRO describes a moderate intensity ‘workshop-type’ training theme. Core X System™ INTRO workouts provide plenty of instruction and explore individual step-drills in short sequences with variations. INTRO theme workouts are 10-20 minutes and include device set-up instructions, warm-up, a brief cool-down, and therapy tips.

FLOW describes a moderate intensity ‘workshop-type’ training theme. Core X System™ FLOW workouts involve a variety of step drills that build up to a PEAK sequence and may offer a break-down for a specific skill. FLOW theme workouts are 25-35 minutes and include device set-up instructions, warm-up, short rests, and a brief cool-down.

HIIT describes a high-intensity interval training theme. Core X System™ HIIT workouts are physically and mentally intensive to mimic the demands of athletes during training season. The HIIT theme develops endurance [Sets] with complex Core X System™ sequences while stabilizing joints to prevent injury during performance and play. HIIT theme workouts are 35-45 minutes, including warm-up, short rests, and a brief cool-down.

KICK’D describes a high-intensity non-stop cardio training theme. The Core X System™ KICK’D workouts are compressed for busy schedules and do not include any detailed instruction. KICK’D theme workouts are 10-15 minutes, including a warm-up and a brief cooldown.